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Andy Kassier: No shortcut on the road to success

You need more than great hair and an Instagram account to be successful, and Andy Kassier is the living proof for that. An old cliché says that we all create our own fictional characters on social media: We are more beautiful, more successful and always in the right places. Kassier has mastered this art. He lives and works worldwide and in the internet, took up shooting  pictures when he was 12 and started working freelance when he was 15. He started his art project and founded his personal brand in 2012.

Who is Andy Kassier?
Andy Kassier is a happy and handsome man. He loves business and start-up culture and loves to motivate people. He lives the life of freedom and independence, which is everyone’s dream. He takes self-portraits capturing his daily life, while traveling the world.

Why is Andy Kassier so rich?
Andy builds businesses and is a mentor as well as consultant for personal branding. The reality is that there is no shortcut on the road to success, so everything you need is hard work and patience. He loves to give advice to people and always finds the right solutions for their problems.

What does Andy Kassier do on Instagram?
Andy is just himself, he let’s you be part of his life and his adventures. Showing you how life can be with just a few tips and changes in your mind. He represents happiness and success as well as inspires people to live a better life. His mantra is: Success is just a smile away!

Is Andy Kassier the female version of Kim Kardashian?
Andy is indeed a famous man, but he is grounded. You will always see him without bodyguards on the streets and he doesn’t like to exclude people. He likes to be natural, so there is no make up or photoshop retouching. Beauty comes from the inside and from being aware of yourself as well as caring about your body.

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