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Back to University. Social Media und Bloggen für Kunsthistoriker

Weil Soziale Medien und das Bloggen im Kulturbereich und in der Wissenschaft keinen guten Stand haben und gerade in der universitären Lehre noch sehr oft außen vorbleiben, unterrichtet Anika ab dem Wintersemester am Institut für Europäische Kunstgeschichte der Universität Heidelberg Social Media und Bloggen für Kunsthistoriker. Wie es dazu kam, hat sie hier aufgeschrieben.

Instagram is about? Die Gruppenausstellung „inside@instagram“ beim Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2017

Das Kollektiv This Ain’t Art School stellte im Dezember 2016 einen Open online für die Gruppenausstellung „inside@instagram, die Anfang Februar im Rahmen des Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2017 im onomato künstlerverein zu sehen war. Innerhalb von knapp vier Wochen wurden 13.000 Fotos eingereicht. 20 haben es in die Ausstellung geschafft. Wir zeigen die Fotos.

Berlin Kreuzberg

#Werkstattphotographie. InstaMeets in Berlin, Essen and Hannover

It’s already 2017, so it’s about time for another InstaMeet. And because one isn’t enough, there are three for you in three different cities: in Berlin, Essen and Hannover. C/O Berlin, the Museum Folkwang in Essen, and the Sprengel Museum Hannover are presenting a joint exhibition project, which for the first time portrays the history, influences, and effects of the Werkstatt für Photographie and its key players. You all know the American photographers Robert Adams, Diane Arbus, William Eggleston and Stephen Shore, but probably haven’t heard so much about the German photographers Thomas Florschuetz, Hildegard Ochse, Gundula Schulze Eldowy and Michael Schmidt. Starting in the 1970s, a younger generation in various initiatives quickly established a new infrastructure for a different perspective on photography. The Werkstatt für Photographie (Workshop for Photography), founded in Berlin by Michael Schmidt in 1976, is one of these innovative models. The Werkstatt für Photographie reached an international recognition through exhibitions, workshops, and courses, establishing itself as an important center for the transatlantic dialogue on photography between Kreuzberg, Germany, and America. The …

Call for Photographs: inside@instagram

ATTENTION PLEASE 💥 This is a Call For Photographs for the exhibition inside@instagram curated by Marlène Meyer-Dunker with a little help from This Ain’t Art School. When: February 3-5 Where: Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2017, onomato künstlerverein What we need from you: Photos, photos, photos and photos. Is instagram changing photography? That’s the question. Some say Instagram is all about selfies, sunsets, breakfast and pets. Instagram is a filter hell and a wellness heaven, they say. The prejudices stick. But anyone who looks a little further will find Instagrammers, who found their way to photography via the app and its social network. Please tag photos that sum up photography on Instagram for you – they may be photos that are composed for consumption on the small screen of the smartphone display, they may be photos that are part of your visual diary, they may be photos that are visual notes, or they may be photos that you took for likes. We want to know and show what photography is like inside Instagram. Marlène Meyer-Dunker invited Instagrammers to be part of …