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Arizona Pastels

„I never photograph for likes“. Dino Kužnik on originality, trends, and shitty motels

Instagram is all about selfies, sunsets, breakfast and pets, Instagram filter hell and wellness heaven. The prejudices stick. But anyone who looks a little further will find Instagrammers, that found their way to photography via the app and its social network. On a regular basis, we talk to them – in collaboration with This Ain’t Art School.  Dino Kužnik a graphic designer and a photographer, or rather curious observer, lives and works in New York. He is originally from Slovenia, but has lived in the US for about 4 years now. He officially started taking photographs when in college in Ljubljana, Slovenia around 2005. Dino was inspired by his grandfather, who was a hobby photographer. When he was younger, they would spend countless hours just browsing through his collection of the Nat Geo magazines (all the way from the 60s) and books. Later in college, he tried a few of his film cameras just for fun, and got completely hooked on the feeling of not seeing the photos right away. The trips to the processing …

The innocents

Henrik Duncker: The Difficulty of Photographing a Dog

In the era of Instagram we probably assume that dog pictures are usually cute and make us comment something like „Awwwww“. Henrik Duncker’s photographs might change your Instagram-saturated mind. Duncker is a Helsinki-based photographer. Starting in 1988, he studied photography at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (today’s Aalto University) and graduated with an MA degree in 1993. Since then, Duncker has been exhibiting his work internationally both in solo and group exhibitions. His works are in collections of KIASMA Helsinki, Moderna Museet of Stockholm, Norsk museum for fotografi – Preus fotomuseum in Horten, The Finnish Museum of Photography and Encontros da Imagem among others. Duncker’s work has been printed in magazines and newspapers such as The Independent, The Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, The New York Times, Libération, Wired, Details, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stern, Carl’s Cars, Helsingin Sanomat etc. We asked him when and why he has started photographing dogs, and whether it’s easier to photograph dogs or humans.  Henrik, why dogs and not cats? The first picture of The Innocents series was a coincidence. I was sitting in the board meeting of our housing …

Braco Dimitrijevic, "This Could Be A Place Of Historical Importance", 1972, Foto: Art Collection Telekom

“Messen sprechen alle Sinne an”. Die Art Collection Telekom auf der Art Cologne

Die Art Collection Telekom vergibt in diesem Jahr zum vierten Mal den Art Cologne Award for New Positions. Außerdem zeigt die Telekom auf der Kölner Messe ausgewählte Arbeiten aus ihrer Sammlung. Antje Hundhausen ist für die Markenkommunikation der Telekom zuständig. Wir sprachen mit ihr darüber, warum der Sammlungsschwerpunkt auf osteuropäischer Kunst liegt, und sie erklärt, warum große Unternehmen Kunst sammeln und wieso die Sammlungen auf Kunstmessen präsentiert werden. Eins ist klar: Firmensammlungen haben den Ruf hinter sich gelassen, bloße Investitionsobjekte zu sein.