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12 Tipps für Museen auf Instagram

Nach mehr als sechs Jahren Instagram ist man nach einem Blick auf Accounts von deutschen Museen als Follower noch immer etwas ratlos. Angesichts von Fotos, die Museen in dieser Qualität in keinem anderen Kontext kommunizieren würden. Angesichts von Desinteresse und Unbedarftheit, die bei Kunstvermittlern im Museum sicherlich nicht geduldet werden würden. Angesichts von Unprofessionalität und Einfallslosigkeit, die beim Verfassen und Versand von Pressemitteilungen undenkbar sind. Deshalb hier ein paar Tipps für weniger Ratlosigkeit bei Sendern und Empfängern.

villa aurora andy kassier

Andy Kassier: No shortcut on the road to success

You need more than great hair and an Instagram account to be successful, and Andy Kassier is the living proof for that. An old cliché says that we all create our own fictional characters on social media: We are more beautiful, more successful and always in the right places. Kassier has mastered this art. He lives and works worldwide and in the internet, took up shooting pictures when he was 12 and started working freelance when he was 15. He started his art project and founded his personal brand in 2012.

Instagram Talks: @reppink likes Pink

Instagram is all about selfies, sunsets, breakfast and pets, Instagram filter hell and wellness heaven. The prejudices stick. But anyone who looks a little further will find Instagrammers, that found their way to photography via the app and its social network. On a regular basis, we talk to them. Marlène Meyer-Dunker lives, works and takes photos in Düsseldorf. Two years ago, Marlène discovered Instagram and at some point decided to become a photographer. She used to be a theatre actress, now she is the assistant of a photographer in Düsseldorf. How did you find out about Instagram? In March 2015, during a lunch break in my kitchen, I discovered Instagram on my new phone. I had always taken photographs with my old phone, but it was never that much fun. So, I created an account and played around. The first images I took were of a broccoli and a red pepper. broccoli #pattern #texture #abstract #minimal Ein von @olgaknipper gepostetes Foto am 4. Mär 2015 um 7:27 Uhr Instagram and or versus photography? Instagram and …

Berlin Kreuzberg

#Werkstattphotographie. InstaMeets in Berlin, Essen and Hannover

It’s already 2017, so it’s about time for another InstaMeet. And because one isn’t enough, there are three for you in three different cities: in Berlin, Essen and Hannover. C/O Berlin, the Museum Folkwang in Essen, and the Sprengel Museum Hannover are presenting a joint exhibition project, which for the first time portrays the history, influences, and effects of the Werkstatt für Photographie and its key players. You all know the American photographers Robert Adams, Diane Arbus, William Eggleston and Stephen Shore, but probably haven’t heard so much about the German photographers Thomas Florschuetz, Hildegard Ochse, Gundula Schulze Eldowy and Michael Schmidt. Starting in the 1970s, a younger generation in various initiatives quickly established a new infrastructure for a different perspective on photography. The Werkstatt für Photographie (Workshop for Photography), founded in Berlin by Michael Schmidt in 1976, is one of these innovative models. The Werkstatt für Photographie reached an international recognition through exhibitions, workshops, and courses, establishing itself as an important center for the transatlantic dialogue on photography between Kreuzberg, Germany, and America. The …